USB-C Charge Cable (2m) Apple

38.88 USD

USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

Apple USB C Cable 2 Meter, White

Key Features

Charging and data sync cable

high speed charging

Cables delivery and charging




One of the most important features of the USB TYPE C cable is its superior ability to charge multiple devices with the necessary energy in a very record time. The port is capable of delivering 5 amps / 20 volts, which means that the charging process takes much less time than usual.


Multiple tasks in one cable

In addition to the fast charging of this cable, it is also characterized by its high quality and speed in transferring multimedia files from high-resolution photos and videos, and connecting and playing external speakers that contain the same port.


Audio and video transmission

When you use the USB-C connection to transfer audio and video, you will find the difference in terms of synchronizing the display of audio and video without delay from the source, as these connections are completely different from other connections in their manufacture due to their need for high efficiency to maintain the speed required for transfer.

38.88 SAR
  • 38.88 USD

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