iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB Sierra Blue Apple

1,808.73 USD

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB Sierra Blue

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, 6.7 inch, 256 GB, 5G, Blue

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, 6.7 inch, 256 GB, 5G, Blue


So it's Pro Max

  • A radically more powerful camera system.
  • The ultra-responsive display immerses you in a renewed feeling with every touch.
  • The world's fastest smartphone chip.
  • Exceptional durability. 
  • A quantum leap in battery life.

Pro, worthy of a professional.

the design

Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion

Max iPhone 13 Pro

6.7 inches


  • blue sierra
  • silver
  • golden
  • dark gray

 iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue ,  Silver ,  Gold ,  Dark Grey

Premium quality surgical-grade stainless steel

Ceramic Shield, stronger than any smartphone glass

Industry leading water resistance rating of IP68

camera system

The  Pro camera system  gets its biggest upgrade yet with  cutting-edge components that  capture more and more detail,  and super-intelligent software that  unlocks a vast world of photographic and cinematic technologies. Above all, a missile chip that   turns all these possibilities into reality. Get ready for a new era of photography.


Capture a macro now on iPhone

Thanks to a newly designed lens and a superior autofocus system, the new Ultra Wide camera can focus even at a distance of 2cm, making even the smallest details exceptionally large. So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and turn a leaf into an abstract painting, capture the fluff of a butterfly's wing, or magnify a dewdrop to contemplate it in all its purity. They are all infinitesimal masterpieces that amaze you with their beauty when unfolded in front of you.

register with you,

And a macro video, too.

Macro still photos are just the starting point, as you can also shoot macro videos, including slow-motion and time-lapse videos. The scene is beyond description. get ready!

low light

Night time, take pictures.

iPhone 13 Pro is built to shine in low light, the Wide camera now has a wider aperture and the largest sensor ever. It also makes the most of the LiDAR scanner to capture stunning portraits in night mode. We've also expanded the ultra-wide aperture of the camera with a faster sensor with an all-new autofocus, and the telephoto camera now supports night mode shooting.

The new telephoto camera features a 77mm focal length and 3x optical zoom, making it ideal for capturing simple classic photos or shooting sharper shots and videos from a distance. To shoot even closer, experiment with Portrait mode, add bokeh to your photos, and master studio-quality lighting effects.

iPhone can now shoot scenes with reduced depth of field and automatically add elegant focus transitions between people. It puts in your hands the ability to tell your stories in unprecedented creative ways thanks to the cinematic style that anticipates the moment a new person appears in the frame and focuses on him at that very moment. You can also move the focus or adjust the level of the bokeh effect even after you're done shooting. Technology is upon us and creativity is upon you.

  • The only smartphone that allows you to adjust the depth effect after shooting
  • Use cinematic style on the wide, telephoto, or TrueDepth camera
  • Cinema mode supports HDR video recording with Dolby Vision


Customize the camera once

And shine with your photos



Here are the photographic patterns.

Photographic Styles apply your preferred settings for color tone and warmth to your photos. And unlike filters, it preserves sky and skin tones and keeps them natural. Choose one of Apple's preset styles like Vivid, Vivid Contrast, Warm, or Cool, and tweak it more if you like. And when you adjust the settings to your liking once, you'll get the look you love every time.

  • With advanced image processing, the camera applies your custom styles in real time

Tonality Enhance it for brighter and more vibrant colours. Dilute it for stronger shades and contrasts.

The warmth of the colors is enhanced to bring out golden tones.

Dilute it to bring out more shades of blue.

  • The first ever professional smartphone that enables you to record and edit videos in ProRes or Dolby Vision format

The high color accuracy and low compression of the ProRes format allow you to record, edit, and distribute broadcast-ready videos wherever you are. Now you can complete an entire project in ProRes format on iPhone, or transfer ProRes videos from iPhone to Final Cut Pro on Mac with ease.

Smart HDR 4 elevates the scene in every detail.

Smart HDR 4 makes the most of the machine learning capabilities of the Neural Engine to now make specific adjustments for everyone in the scene. Our software together with the image signal processor automatically optimizes contrast, brightness and skin tone for each individual person. This is how everyone always looks their best.

Deep Fusion analyzes each pixel with different exposures.

When capturing photos in medium to low light, Deep Fusion kicks in and uses the Neural Engine to analyze multiple exposures at the pixel level before incorporating the best parts of the captured image into the final image. Thus, your photos shine bright and stand out even the smallest details.

The new Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion can update its content from 10 to 120 times per second, with a wide range of frame rates in between. When you need exceptional graphics performance, the monitor can intelligently increase or decrease that rate to conserve power when you don't. It is also able to speed up or slow down its response to your touch in line with the speed of your finger while swiping. It is truly an experience you have never had before.

  • iOS 15 is optimized to take full advantage of ProMotion technology and streamline your everyday tasks

Speed ​​plays its game.

With ProMotion's ability to refresh up to 120Hz, and the incredible graphics performance of a new five-core GPU in the A15 Bionic chip, iPhone 13 Pro is the perfect playground for pro gamers.

Best   iPhone battery life ever.

The world is moving faster to 5G and streaming, downloading online and everything in between is happening at breakneck speed. The 5G network delivers blazing speeds that cater to even the most multiplayer games, enables AR video sharing, and more. And with Smart Data mode, iPhone automatically switches to a slower network to conserve battery life. 4

iPhone helps you control your personal information. It gives you privacy stickers that tell you how apps use your data. It also forces apps to get your permission to track your activity across other companies' apps and websites. These steps are only the beginning.

A healthy design for a healthy planet.

Our stores, offices, data centers and operations are now carbon neutral. That's how our products and your carbon footprint will be by 2030. To that end, this year we eliminated the plastic wrap around iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro cases, saving us 600 metric tons of plastic. Our final assembly sites no longer send any waste to landfills.

phone cheer


Listen online to songs, albums and playlists specially selected for you. Follow the TV shows that have become people's talk. Discover the latest exciting games. With Apple One, Apple services are at your fingertips and you can take advantage of them all with one subscription plan.

Put them together, they fit together automatically.

Everything you love about iPhone gets even more magical when you use it with your Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch—these devices blend together instantly and seamlessly. Answer an incoming call using the device closest to you, or take a photo on your iPhone and instantly see it on your Mac, and see all your text messages at any time on all your devices. It's easy and fun.





trade mark




mobile case


the color


country of manufacture


Screen size

6.7 inches

Screen quality (pixels)

1284 x 2778 pixels

SIM cards

1 SIM card

Network and the Internet

5 G

internal memory

256 GB

back camera

12 mega pixel

front camera

12 mega pixel


Apple iOS

OS version

OS 15

Processing System Model

Hexa-core (2x3.22 GHz + 4xX.X GHz)

Face time


finger print


face print


Battery capacity

Li-Ion, non-removable



bluetooth version




Wi-Fi version

Wi-Fi 802.11

Width (mm)

78.1 mm

Height (mm)

160.8 mm

depth (mm)

7.7 mm

Weight (kg)

240 g

1808.73 SAR
  • 1,808.73 USD
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