Gaming Mouse Scorpion Spear Genius

30.24 USD

Gaming Mouse Scorpion Spear

Genius GX Gaming Scorpion Spear Pro

Genius GX Gaming Scorpion Spear Pro

Is the only thing missing in your life an amazing gaming mouse to go with your computer? With help from the Genius GX Gaming Scorpion Spear Pro, you'll unleash your full gaming potential. It can be connected to your computer using the 1,8 m cable, which can be plugged into a USB port. The body of this gaming mouse is designed for the right hand. The mouse uses the very reliable optical technology. The mouse will be capable of a sensitivity of up to 3200 DPI. You will have access to 8 buttons, perfect for more demanding users. The mouse's button for setting the DPI value gives you the ability to change the mouse's sensitivity. This particular model is specially designed for gaming , but the layman will like it as well.

Genius GX Gaming Scorpion Spear Pro Gaming Mouse Key Features

  • Response time of 1 ms
  • Optical tech provides perfect response time
  • RGB backlighting will be interesting for anyone
  • Genius Gaming Mouse is suitable for right-handed people
  • Connects using USB
  • Genius GX Gaming Scorpion Spear Pro gaming mouse sensitivity equals 3200 DPI
  • You will have access to 8 buttons with a wide array of uses
  • Mouse cable is 1,8 m
  • DPI button allows you to change the sensitivity easily
  • Genius gaming mouse compatability: iOS and Windows 11


Connecting Wired

Interface USB

Usage Gaming

Design Suitable for right-handed people

Compatibility iOS, Windows 11

More Specifications

Founded in 1983, this Taiwanese company has satisfied millions of customers worldwide ever since. Genius built its brand primarily in the field of computer accessories, such as keyboards, mice, tablets, and gaming controllers. Their peripherals are used across the world, satisfying demanding users in both the office and the home, and the company has a dense network of branches in Taiwan, the US, UK, Germany, China, and many other countries.

30.24 SAR
  • 30.24 USD

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