Speaker : SP-906BT Glowing Red Genius

46.17 USD

Speaker : SP-906BT Glowing Red


SP-906BT Bluetooth Speaker With Carabiner Glowing Red


Wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth device: iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone, Tablet PC

Built-in microphone for voice conferencing

Built-in Lithium battery, not limited by a power source

Micro USB charging interface

Bluetooth 4.1


This puck sized speaker come with latest Bluetooth 4.1 capability and acoustic effect, which delivers crisp audio quality and deep bass performance. Its compact size makes it easy to hold in one hand and also can be hooked up for additional comfort. The SP- 906BT offers 10 hrs of play time with its 500mAh lithium battery. A built in micro phone makes hands free calling a breeze.

46.17 SAR
  • 46.17 USD

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